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Chasing Oz is a collaboration that came about when Randy Campbell (songwriter/guitarist/multi-instr.) and Ginine Mizerski (songwriter, vocalist/lyricist) performers with several years experience in different bands and projects, decided to pursue a musical career writing and playing their own material. Chasing Oz embrace their roots & influences, yet work to create fresh new hooks and catchy riffs, producing genuine & sincere original music that tells stories, paints audio pictures, and moves the listener emotionally. Their songs are based on real life events, wrapped with depth and passion, designed to heal and inspire hope. Ginine’s electrifying, passionate, spiritual and spirited vocal performances, provide an exciting foil for the music and showcase her conviction… drawing in the listeners. Randy with experience playing various instruments, creates music designed to paint a picture in your mind with sound, and generate emotional feelings – to match existing lyric ideas, or to inspire new, also contributing to lyrical ideas, and vocal harmonies.

“Chasing Oz creates sensational, beautiful music that once again demonstrates Seattle’s status as a music mecca. I wish I knew how they did it! Ginine can actually sing, and they play real instruments and they don’t even use auto-tune!!! …Baffling! ”

  • Justin Beiber

The members of Chasing Oz have played numerous venues around the Pacific Northwest and Canada including festivals. They are well received with their inspirational lyrics and passionate performances.

Ginine Mizerski (vocals, keys, percussion), Randy Campbell (guitars, bkg./vox keys, etc.), Mike Well (drums & percussion), Darryl Buske (bass)