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Musical Artist, J’Quay Catrell Toliver, was Born on May 13, 1992, in Chicago, Illinois. Better known for his smooth voice, amazing dance moves and diverse song writing abilities. By age 3, he moved from Colorado to Georgia. Growing up in a small city that was primarily Caucasian, he had a hard time making friends and keeping friends. Catrell enjoyed performing, whether that was dancing, playing sports, or just performing for his family. Growing up as a middle child, with two sister, he longed for attention and affection. He spent his free time, being inspired by such musical artists like Michael Jackson, Maroon 5, and Country singer Garth Brooks. In 2011 he graduated from high school and attended college in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Shortly after enrolling he was accepted into a fraternity that allowed him to grow and succeed at a much higher degree. Unable to balance the emotional ups and downs of life, he turned to music and martial arts. His first hit single, “Just go away”, is a song that reflects the passion of his generation. This track was recognized by several for its diversity, being requested at several events and shows and preorders before the available dates were even discussed, this assure him he had a gift. As a kid growing up in private school he was never allowed to listen to music with explicit language so he set out a goal to produce music that anyone could enjoy no matter what age or genre you are into. Catrell has been applauded and awarded for several years for his ability to conform and excel in any kind of environment. He believes that the only limitations we have in this life are the ones we put on ourselves and he ends with this “music is beautiful and it takes an open mind to issue proper respect for everything that it’s worth, and if I am given the chance to do it forever I will open doors that have always been available to open but have been over looked during the expansion and growth of music”.