Tiny Orchestral Moments

The Tiny Orchestral Moments is a project bringing together a large group of musicians from all over the world for a week or weekend to write, record, improvise, and perform. They collaborate with each other using the one principal that anyone can play anything at anytime as long it fits in what is happening and what is necessary in the moment. The Tiny Orchestral Moments is a great opportunity and chance to be that musician you wish you could be without being in a band that is micro-managed, predetermined ,and commercialized . The group is an international act, incorporating many musical influences and some brilliant talent from LA, Seattle, Texas, and even Argentina! Many beautiful friendships have been fostered by the concept of this project as each artist forgives instantaneously as they operate with continuous improvisation, there are NO mistakes, and whatever happens becomes apart of what they are doing, Pure Brilliance! T.O.M work on quarterly and annual projects with a documentary and a cd of their previous work from the past 3 years said to be releasing sometime soon ! You could read more from their official webpage, http://www.steveball.com/TOM/. Take a quick glimpse as the T.O.M musicians give us some insight into their projects.