Band Babe Miss Julie B. Saying Hello!…

Hello,  My name is Miss Julie B. I am just 1 of the Team of RenAgades.

Amongst all things that I do, I  Like to discover new talent, businesses and events. There is a whole world out there to explore, full of interesting people, creativity,  new products, and gatherings. I don’t know about you, but when I find something I really enjoy.. I want to share it with the Whole World and give people something to buzz about. So, I invite everybody to come join The World of RenAgade with the Band Babes to add a little AMP to your life. It’s all about living out loud and being apart of the excitement, right? Who wants to live under a rock anyways….

When There is a lot to get AMPED up for in 2023.  Listen to this!

Band Babe has just teamed up with RenAgade Nation and The Girls of RenAgade  to give Independent music artist the opportunity to be heard on a global Music Platform.

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It’s time to make a Hit! Live a bit and AMP with it. What are you waiting for? Discover new possibilities and

GET OUT THERE.  . Let’s have some fun.

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Vintage smoke and soft music hit “ME”

Went into this 40 person bar last night…… the door closed and Wwwiiisssshhhhhhh gust of Vintage smoke and soft music hit me with what felt like a push to get closer to the bar…… time stood Still, eye focusing in what seemed to only be 1 light on [very dim] old glass Vintage X-mas lights lit and burn one’s as well, I looked around and all the seats had name’s Mike M, Jone T, Sally G, list was long yet the seat’s were taken, It Like I said was a super small place and there was standing Room Only, Heart was a little exited as to Why this place, it is full, smoky dark yet I’ve seem to have been here before feeling…. I looked around the walls had stuff on them and it turned yellow from the smoke and old age yet I would love to have that oil painting on my office wall as well, Went to the bar, got ready to order the bar keep had my drink glass in had as to say the usual….. Capt/coke 1 cube, I looked at the wood grain bar top it was like faded to the point of no wood grain spots were a person has sat for a many a year,…
I sat there till a hand touched my shoulder, a warm hand yet it was firm… hey Sir your in my spot, as I looked around to See this 70 year old woman smile at me, I moved but the weird thing was she held me close as she slid in to her well worn seat,

Saturday nughts 9pm with Up All-Nites
Saturday nights 9pm with Up All-Nites

this is puzzling to me… I noticed the music has stop now the tunes I was liking were soft yet made you feel you had to dance feel the grove and feel your heart beat along the track… its bad ass, I sipped drank in all the Everything Feel when I was asked did I like the mix, Sure cant go wrong with the Capt/coke combo.. she with a ruff smokers voice “No” my last set? that was you, Yes she said, I’m what everyone here is come to HEAR, your DJ Grams-C…..
We’re going Live Friday at 8pm