The Bandbabe Supports Cancer Awareness !

The Battle Of cancer has been a fight  of many among us, from your family members to your favorite  star studded Musicians. Even the ones who  seem untouchable have struggled to survive, Many have lost their lives and the ones who have conquered the disease, live to bring awareness and support to others facing the same obstacles of their fight against cancer and their path to health through treatment and therapy.

 Joining in the Fight Of Cancer Awareness,Some of our favorite Band Babes highlighted their favorite musicians who live today to tell their stories. Their Heroes are and are not limited too:


Sheryl Crow– Grammy Award Winner, American singer-songwriter and actress. Sheryl Crow’s music incorporates elements of pop, rock, folk, country, and blues. Was Diagnosed With Cancer in 2006 at age 44 with breast Cancer. She is now Cancer Free and Has Released her 9th studio album , Be Myself,  on April 21, 2017! You’re a Rock, Sheryl Crow!


Olivia Newton John-one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time.[2] She starred in the musical film Grease, and its soundtrack is one of the most successful in history. Olivia Newton John Was said to have her own clinic For treatment in Australia and promotes a  detection device called Liv AId after Her long journey of being diagnosed in 1992 with Breast Cancer. Unfortunately we are Supporting her In the announcement that Newton-John’s breast cancer had returned and metastasized to her lower back In May 2017. We are Here For you Girl, We know you are strong!


Kevin Hearn ( Barenaked Ladies)– . Hearn was experienced with electronic keyboards, and synthesizers. He is a Canadian Hunk & musician who is currently the keyboardist of Barenaked Ladies and his own group, Kevin Hearn and Thin Buckle. His musical talent to the band’s sound is evident on Stunt. However shortly after the recording of Stunt, Hearn was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia In 2008. The cancer went into remission after having a blood marrow transplant & Chemotherapy. He is now involved in the project “The Cousins” Featuring the song “Rattlesnake love” out 2017. Check it , at! 


Let us not forget the beloved one’s we can all reflect on that we did so sorrowful loose their livesto cancer, most notable : Bob Marley, Frank Zappa, Ricky Wilson (B-52s) and More.


Our Idols stay in our hearts and live on forever . They prove to us all that lives are frail and precious. Let us all Support the Cure for cancer and Give it up to all those who can live to tell the tale, Inspire, Encourage, and Give hope to others! Those are the Real Heroes.

For all those who read this. Can you give us your feedback for this Question. 

How do you feel about Cannabis as a Medical form of treatment For cancer?



Stay Tuned to Watch the Bandbabes behind the scenes at One of the worlds largest freedom of speech festivals and Cannabis reform events on Streaming to you live from where ever your are: Live Interviews from The Artists Rocking the Stages! And Also another upcoming event with Music From Cannafest In Canada!

Rock and Roll on!!

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Vintage smoke and soft music hit “ME”

Went into this 40 person bar last night…… the door closed and Wwwiiisssshhhhhhh gust of Vintage smoke and soft music hit me with what felt like a push to get closer to the bar…… time stood Still, eye focusing in what seemed to only be 1 light on [very dim] old glass Vintage X-mas lights lit and burn one’s as well, I looked around and all the seats had name’s Mike M, Jone T, Sally G, list was long yet the seat’s were taken, It Like I said was a super small place and there was standing Room Only, Heart was a little exited as to Why this place, it is full, smoky dark yet I’ve seem to have been here before feeling…. I looked around the walls had stuff on them and it turned yellow from the smoke and old age yet I would love to have that oil painting on my office wall as well, Went to the bar, got ready to order the bar keep had my drink glass in had as to say the usual….. Capt/coke 1 cube, I looked at the wood grain bar top it was like faded to the point of no wood grain spots were a person has sat for a many a year,…
I sat there till a hand touched my shoulder, a warm hand yet it was firm… hey Sir your in my spot, as I looked around to See this 70 year old woman smile at me, I moved but the weird thing was she held me close as she slid in to her well worn seat,

Saturday nughts 9pm with Up All-Nites
Saturday nights 9pm with Up All-Nites

this is puzzling to me… I noticed the music has stop now the tunes I was liking were soft yet made you feel you had to dance feel the grove and feel your heart beat along the track… its bad ass, I sipped drank in all the Everything Feel when I was asked did I like the mix, Sure cant go wrong with the Capt/coke combo.. she with a ruff smokers voice “No” my last set? that was you, Yes she said, I’m what everyone here is come to HEAR, your DJ Grams-C…..
We’re going Live Friday at 8pm