Blue Collar Metal, this is the fastest, most aggressive and heaviest of metal genre…

Intro to the Band:

American Wrecking Company

By Band Babe Paula Doll:

Blue Collar Metal, this is the fastest, most aggressive and heaviest of metal genre. This genre resonates with the everyday hardworking man and woman. The American Wrecking Company sound and feel is similar to Five Finger Death Punch and Hatebreed. Hatebreed chose American Wrecking Company to open for them on their last sold out tour at Studio Seven in Seattle in Dec 2014. AWC has also opened up for Rex Brown’s Kill Devil Hill and Fear Factory.

American Wrecking Company, on average play two shows a Month, all around the Puget Sound. Never to stay in one place, they have done a couple tours, throughout California, Nevada and Montana. The 2016 tour is in the works at this time, and also working on their new CD “Purge” expected release 2016. American Wrecking Company is endorsed and sponsored by companies such as Rock N Roll Gangstar Apparel, Spector Bass, DBZ Guitars, Diamond Amps, and Cold Cock Whiskey. AWC have already has wrote six new songs for their new CD “Purge”. Their last CD, “Wreckage of the Past” continues to be asked for and sold along with their merchandise that flies off the table. They will be attending NAMM 2016, and planning on performing at a couple of side gigs during that time.

This group is really a band of brothers; their music is as tight as it can get. Jeff Bloomfield, Founder and Bassist for the band, with a style and sound very strong influenced from Pantera’s Rex Brown. He is extremely creative and helps keep the band running, as Manager and Booker. The Drummer, Dylan Hickey is a true phenomenon; AWC is his first band. Watching Dylan onstage is a show itself, as sticks are twirled, and thrown up in the air, while never missing a double beat. Dylan brings a freight train of endurance for such amazingly hard pounding and fast songs.

Randy Bebich, Rhythm Guitarist, his guitar riffs are heavy, move fast, and full of groove. They have a new song; “Mad by Design” that Randy strongly influenced. This song is cutting edge and is something more commercial and very catchy. The girls love to dance to this, and the guys are right there moshing. This is a mark of an excellent Metal song. Ben Reynard, Rhythm Lead Guitarist packs a punch with some of the most beautiful riffs put inside the most hardcore packaging. From his deep roots of determination to play metal as a youngster, to the stage today, the skill and love for the music clearly stands out.

Vocalist and Lyric Writer, TJ Cornelious, has a solid hardcore Metal background. TJ’s writing is steeped with powerful songs, and memorable choruses such as in “Uphill Climb”, “Overthrow”, ”Divine”, and “Start A War” all are full of energy, and engaging. TJ has the innate ability to get the crowd involved in the music, and keep them moving from start to finish. The time with American Wrecking Company is like a good movie or great day; goes by so quick you want a lot more! EPK