Many People swamped the Mutant White Lightening Stage during  Warped Tour this year as Nekrogoblikon shredded out the latest tunes from their recent album release. Known for their silly symphonic metal, Nekrogoblikon never fails to give  their hungry fans exactly what they crave: Brutal vocals, complex riffs , sweet solos, Goblins, and of course a little sense of humor. Over the years  rising up from  Los Angeles ,the band has rearranged their line up and brought 5 full albums to the table. Growing in their professionalism since their first album Goblin Island in 2006, the band recently dropped their 5th  full length studio album, ‘Welcome to Bonkers” on April 13th, 2018.The current line up consists of lead vocalist and founder Nicky”Scorpion” Calone, Guitarist Alex “Goldberg”Alereza, HypeMan John Goblikon, Keyboards Aaron”Raptor”Minich, Bass Aaron”zoot” VanZutphen ,and  Drums Eric “Rainbow” Brown. The 11 track cd is a little more melodic than previous works and is being raved about along with their latest music video,  “Dressed as Goblins”.  The band had teamed up with Brendon Small, the co- creator of Metalocalypse, to give a glimpse into the life of John Goblikon. You can check it out here and make sure to stay tuned to hear what the goblin eats for lunch in an exclusive short by the members themselves on