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www.bandbabe.comLets Create Your Musical Dream-

Renagade Radio and BandBabe.com are in a collaborative partnership to help Bands and Dj’s build success towards their musical career. We are known is in the industry for this. With 30years of PR experience for Bands, Dj’s, and good music we recognize the demand for a good PR campaign. Our mission is to get Bands and DJ’s the most exposure possible. A key element for creating and maintaining a successful musical career is generating a buzz for PR, driving fans to events, and band websites. Renagade Radio and BandBabe.com are here to help connect artists, record labels, managers, and agents to network and promote while giving them the media exposure they deserve.BandBabe.com represents various artist and bands at events through Renagade Radio, and on the BandBabe site to get PR/Media coverage. We do this through partnerships within the music industry, active engagement, live event coverage, and making sure the media we promote is producing maximum results in our Renagade Multimedia Network. BandBabe.com has a handpicked database of top notch media contacts and BandBabes who do event media coverage for Renagade Radio, has 4 Magazine Publications through our Renagade Multimedia Network, and access to other magazine publications. We help you save time and cost by helping you generate traffic to event site, blogs, and spread the word. The database consists of today’s most influential blogs, publicized magazines, radio stations, papers, dj’s, and national media all around the world. Whether you are a Dub-Step producer, a Trance record label, a DJ, or anything else in the world of Dance Music, you can trust the www.BandBabe.com brand for PR. We have full coverage in all genres of music.

Renagade Radio and BandBabe.com are currently accepting new artists and bands for solid Global PR representation. Clients represented by Band Babe could be featured worldwide in various media outlets, including: Beats Media, the EDM Network, DJ Mag, and MSN among a variety other publications. Our goal is to give you maximum results through promotions and media coverage. If you’re looking for a professional PR company and want more exposure/publicity then the norm, we got you covered. With our PR SERVICE PLANS we will have an immediate promotional campaign started. For more on FAQ’s about PR SERVICE PLANS,

give us a call or email, and one of our staff members will contact you within 48hours.

Contact us at: (425) 246-9477

or email us at AirPlay@RenagadeRadio.com

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