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 Hello,  My name is Miss Julie B. I am just 1 of the Team of RenAgades.

Amongst all things that I do, I  Like to discover new talent, businesses and events. There is a whole world out there to explore, full of interesting people, creativity,  new products, and gatherings. I don’t know about you, but when I find something I really enjoy.. I want to share it with the Whole World and give people something to buzz about. So, I invite everybody to come join The World of RenAgade with the Band Babes to add a little AMP to your life. It’s all about living out loud and being apart of the excitement, right? Who wants to live under a rock anyways….

When There is a lot to get AMPED up for in 2024.  Listen to this!

Band Babe has just teamed up with RenAgade Nation and The Girls of RenAgade  to give Independent music artist the opportunity to be heard on a global Music Platform.

This is Great news for Artists, Dj’s, & Bands looking to get exposure, ( like Extreme Exposure World Wide), to a fanbase of over 60million and GROWING! With The Renagade Inc. social network and demographics you can showcase your talent and take your business to another level.

The program is Designed to give Artists the tools for networking, promoting, and marketing , giving them the potential to build an audience by showcasing their work to a vast global network.

If you are an artist gearing up,  Band Babes Offers a unique platform to get you on a road to success. WE Don’t Make Excuses WE get Results, With Radio Programming, Interviews with the bandbabe, Event promotions, customized mini-Webpages for business, Social Site Global Networking,  And more.

GET OUT THERE.  . Let’s have some fun.

Tune into Renagade Radio and get fired up to roll with the hottest Band Babes around.  Join and become a Member for ACCESS to show off and mouth out TODAY.