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Daughter of Elvis Presley and former wife of Michael Jackson – how does Lisa Marie Presley establish a name for herself? Well, one way is to hire renowned producer T-Bone Burnett to musically direct your third album, Storm & Grace. Now in her mid-40s, Presley eschews the modern pop trail in favour of gritty country-folk-blues, which is a wise choice considering that there’s little point in trying to compete with the Lady Gagas and Katy Perrys! Which makes Burnett’s selection apt. Still, whilst there’s no denying the appropriate production values, Presley’s songwriting is not strong enough to live up to her family heritage. Sadly, her voice – unlike her father’s – is rather unremarkable and eminently forgettable. Her vocal range is limited which does not make for interesting melodies. Not necessarily fatal in itself if one is able to emote the lyrics with some precision (like say, Bob Dylan or Lou Reed) but unfortunately, Presley is plainly unable to. Disappointing.