Jáneel is a fresh voice making the most of his transition into the North West music scene. The 24 year old hip hop & rap artist from Illinois is turning heads and lighting up the stages at some of the hottest events all around the Washington state. Our BandBabe Ms. Raeven, or as  Jáneel would say, ” RAE RAE” , dug a little further into the mind behind his popular scaling music. It’s been a long climb for Jáneel who had started having fun writing rap lyrics back in his middle school days and rapping with friends who would listen to his crazy lyrical concoctions. Reflecting back to the past it was most likely the connections that drove his passion to where he is today and he has been growing quite the audience since. Jáneel’s  most recent performance was a competition packed wall to wall with supporters who chanted his name leaving him feeling hands down, like a true winner. But it isn’t all about the money or who is the best  for Jáneel, as he explains  the bigger picture is that music could change the world. He tells us about his favorite artist, The Tokyo Police Club, in connection with his theory. He says he really likes the meaning behind their lyrics and how the messages portrayed in lyrical verses could be very powerful and have various affects on peoples emotions and thoughts. In fact the biggest reward for Jáneel is that his music has helped listeners grow within their own lives helping them become more real and confrontational with the issues they face. Drawing inspiration from his favorite artists, Jáneel has implemented positive notes with in his lyrics that  encourage confidence, strength, and action stating that it takes all three ingredients to make it in this world. He know’s all to well as he has had to overcome the challenges of being an independent artist and Jáneel has managed to produced videos, promotions, music, and booked gigs for himself. Jáneel has learned a lot from his past experiences and the creation of his previous album “3rd Party” is  available to listen to on you tube.

The collection of videos hint at his next anticipated project called ” The Cave” to be released in January of 2019.  He doesn’t say to much about it except that it’s going to be different and you know it’s different that sets us apart. You can get a glimpse of this uprising Independent artist through social media under JáneelXL.

  He is always looking to network and collaborate with other artists and labels so don’t be afraid to send a word out.

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