Hailey Walling is a very bubbly, outgoing, 15 year old who is inspired and determined to become a star. Her dream is to become an actress/singer and move to Los Angeles when she graduates highschool. She has always known that she wanted to entertain and music has been a big part of her life since she was younger. She’s already been taking the steps to success by looking into production companies and talent agencies who can help support upcoming independent artists.  She  has gained valuable experience performing in school , in choirs, and even made her debut  at the Oregon Country Fair Quiet Camp Stage. She draws inspiration from alternative, R&B , Pop, Soul music, and listens to  a lot of Daniel Caesar. Currently she has been performing solo singing cover songs, but is seeking the right people to form a band. We had the opportunity to sit down with her and asked Hailey a few questions. We asked her how she wanted to inspire others and She replied, ”
As Cliche as it sounds, there needs to be originality and creativity in everything you do. I would say to just be yourselves and I hope that when people see me perform I could inspire people to be comfortable enough to do it as well, to share their creativity and be able to build confidence and courage. I’m not perfect, I get Shakey and nervous, but it’s something I had to learn and I love being able to express myself.” Hailey Walling is the next generation in aspiring entertainers, she is eager to learn and collaborate with others in making music everyone could enjoy. We wish her the best in her adventure and hope you will go check her out and support her through Instagram, you can find her @hailey_walling.

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