The Georgetown Orbits have the perfect sound to vibe along with and an exceptional stage presence that is thoroughly enjoyable. The five piece modern-vintage ensemble comes from Georgetown, Washington and has become internationally acclaimed for their soulful Jamaican Reggae and ska rock steady music. With a collection of full length albums and record label called ‘Ready To Launch’, it’s a no brain-er why this band is making it’s way to the top of playlists. The Georgetown Orbits have been around since 2004, just recently releasing their space aerial theme titled 4th album, ‘Solar Flares’. The Album features 11 tracks  of  original compositions engineered and mixed by the bassist, some which are classic Jamaican covers to keep their roots alive.

Keeping in the public eye, Georgetown Orbits have some great events lined up to perform their songs from ‘Solar Flare’ all around the Pacific Northwest.  We were able to catch the band on stage during Live At Lunch held by the Bellevue Downtown Association on August 30th,2018. With songs like ‘Keep Your Chin Up’ and “High Noon’ performed,  the Georgetown Orbits attracted quite a diverse audience. They have vinyls and copies of their album for sale online at,

where you could also listen to their latest album and find their scheduled shows to see them live!


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