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The Ladies of Bandbabe are ALWAYS looking for hot spots to enjoy Live entertainment, Food, atmosphere, and to have a great time.

Lately we have been craving some killer eats, and after the Ravishing Women Event that crowned Miss India Wa 2017, We decided to treat the queen in ourselves to a more ethnic traditional Cuisine.

Band Babe took an invite  from Miss India WA 2016 to participate in  the Grand Opening of a family organized, vibrant, spicy restaurant named righteously so.

Rasoi Indian Cuisine is making a buzz in the Washington community for bringing a healthier, fresh, nutritious, and  traditional way of cooking straight from the Rasoi, meaning kitchen in Hindi.

Offering a menu selection from cuisines of Northern India, the Rasoi owners opened their doors publicly for a free buffet dinner that excited our senses.

Everybody that attended got to taste a complete cultural experience. As you walk in the mouth watering aroma of spices capture your appetite and your hostess seats you in a seductive dinning area  adorned with original Hindu paintings  and  tables tops dressed in hand decorated Indian clothes to enjoy your food.

As you begin to go through the menu you could recognize familiar dishes featuring appetizers,(CHOLE BHATURE), vegetarian,(KARAHI PANEER), non- vegetarian(KARAHI CURRIES), Specials(TIKKA MASALA),Rice and bread options, and desserts,(MALAI KULFI).

We ordered 2 chai teas and talked to the owners for a brief minute before the opening ceremony where Miss India Wa cut the ribbon to inaugurate the Restaurant and help bring good fortune.

They were very pleased with the outcome of wall to wall connoisseurs and look forward to a great year in business. The Bandbabe invites  you to take a peak into the opening experience with interviews, testimonials, and a walk through.

We hope that you could enjoy Rasoi just as much as we did. Get the experience right here and make a reservation for any occasion to share with your friends.

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