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The Band babe was caught in the center of the universe on the dance floor of one of Seattle Washington’s largest indoor/outdoor live music venues known to showcase artists and genres from all over the world, The Nectar Lounge. Located in Eclectic Fremont, the Venue was jammed packed with a crowd getting loose to the electronic beats and line up of Local experimental hip-hop and electronic Indie pop artists. The band babe had the opportunity to chat it up backstage with the very impressive, talented acts, each coming up in the Seattle club scene with their own style and influences.

The Bandbabe had arrived early prior to the show during sound testing. The artist I’ll Writers Guild were tounge twisting and spitting free flow lines to get warmed up. Right away We knew the night was going to be sick and that was only the beginning. As the night went on the place started to fill with people of different influencing styles and the Bar began becoming flooded with conversation.

The place got really busy, and we all anticipated the night’s show. It was something worth buzzing about.
The event at the Nectar Lounge was focused around the appearance of Gran Rapids for the reunion show who unfortunately are going away to California for a while. The Gran Rapids performance definitely packed a punch and There were people from all over who had appeared to show their support and join the event, But that isn’t all we are going to be missing about that night.

The party Backstage Was a Blast!
When it came time for the Band babes to interview and spotlight the artists, fans were making their way in to watch the excitement. The walls In the back were littered with chalk art, stage mirrors for preparing, a laboratory, refreshments, and a big comfy couch. Perfect atmosphere to get down and interview.

The band babes Interviewed A.k.a Rocket who is involved in an inspiring underground scene that is being recognized and growing. Rocket refers to his music as seattle grunge hip hop and has came along way from the streets.
He was hustling hard that night and had more than one performance, wearing a silver chain given to him, he was very grateful to be where he is heading to date.
Like Rocket, these local bands and artists have been in the scene really trying to make a name and share their creative talents, constantly changing and evolving, drawing influence from past experiences, environment, and passion.

Artists such as Dead RIch inspire listeners, to Free themselves, express themselves, open up and connect in ways on an emotional and psychological level. The band Dead Rich was one of band babe’s favorites for the dance floor at The Nectar lounge.

They Got us up and shaking our rumps , dancing along to their edgy, electronic harmony. Their members share a brilliant chemistry allowing them to mix together a unique and memorable style that could lead them to the top of the charts for any dance pop event. Dead Rich is Releasing an EP early next year with songs like Walker Texas Ranger, and sounds of pop punk. So keep your eyes and ears out for an event near you. You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram @ Dead Rich Music. You can catch their interview on the bandbabe face book page and see who else the band babe is supporting on the
By the end of the night, It was too cold and too late for us to hang around for the after parties. So we left the venue in smiles, laughter, and memories.
For The Future the bandbabe and would love to showcase any interested talent wanting exposure to million of followers world wide. Come contact us, For a great time such as this one at the Nectar Lounge, In Seattle. Tune into for more coverage, new music, and more events.

An Interview with the Band Babe

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