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 Bullets, life-sized cardboard cut-outs of POTUS, virtual reality gaming, and lets not forget the exquisite after party. What is this spectacular event called and where were you?

     First, it’s called TRIGGRCON and this year they were making America
great again in Tacoma WA, on July 27, 28 ,29, 30. You’re upset that you’re just now hearing about it, right? Or why don’t you remember it happening in past years? Well in past years it was called NWSSE. This year it was reinvented and now it’s been established as TRIGGRCON.
       This was a very exclusive event where gun enthusiasts go to showcase the newest, most innovative companies and products in the tactical firearms industry. If you didn’t email in for an invite you were not getting in. TRIGGRCON, acronym standing for Tactical Research/Innovative Gun and Gear Review. Complete with a range day, an industry day, and 2 gun enthusiasts day. And an unbelievable after party held at Virtual Sports. If you missed it you should definitely make sure next year you RSVP months in advance.
    Showing up and not know what to expect, the first thing that caught my attention was the 6 ft tall cardboard cutout of POTUS and like 10 security guards standing waiting to wand you before you get anywhere near the artillery. Why check for weapons at a firearms convention? I assume because the guns on display were controlled and they removed potential for misfires out of the scenario.
 TRIGGRCON kind of reminded me of a secret high class artillery black market for people who wholeheartedly believe in the 2nd amendment, and would not hesitate to exercise said right to protect America. Most of the products were not even in stores yet. We got the best experience I could’ve imagined. If anything, I felt like I was apart of something bigger than myself.
Everything presented was firearm and/or military related and overall purpose was for the greater good. Trying to make the people feel comfortable there was a bar ,but the alcohol was regulated during the convention.            The bar that was free during the fantastic after party, which was complete with a Seattle Seahawks Official Tailgating Bus, The Beast Bus. Complete with open full bar, DJ Trailer, 10,000 watt sound system, swag bags, and valued Seahawk treasured (Like a museum.)
 Hosted by RifleSticks the ultimate goal seemed to be to build on existing relationship while fostering new partnerships. I often overheard people saying how there were a lot less people this year. My educated guess says there were probably less people this year due to the date change. This year being hosted in late July when many families decide to vacation for the summer. Many people were vacationing far from pierce county at that time.
While the proceeds go to PTSD foundation for veterans, and they made a fair amount, some products definitely got a double take. One product that comes to mind was the folding handgun. Once folded was ment to be more convenient. What the manufacturers failed to consider was the increased in width. And the extra time it was gonna take to put back together. Slower draw, less concealment, just because you can doesn’t mean that you should.
       After the whole event, My boyfriend and I were full of booze and food, and our bags full of firearm accessories. We realized, that night, just how significant our right to bear arms is. We deserve to be able to protect ourselves and our own, at all cost.
Sometimes back up is needed.
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