1.Introduce your Band: (who, when, what genre)

We are the Butt Dial Party Band. We play mostly covers but also a few originals. We cover tunes from the 1940’s to the present but with a twist. Rock, R&B, Soul, Funk, Showtunes and a little jazz. We are bass drums

What Got everyone involved in the first place can you share some history?

We were all friends and had been in various musical projects and bands together and separately and decided to join together to play a one-off gig.  We had so much fun we decided to learn up a bunch more songs and continue playing.

What have you accomplished as a group together and other aspirations?

We have professionally recorded an EP, we are the current house band at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle, we have played some high profile corporate gigs and weddings and we have played in virtually every club in Seattle.

How do you feel about the internet in the music business?

We “released” our EP on YouTube. Other than that we don’t have much of an internet footprint or impact.

Any Musical Icons/influences or artists you’d share the stage with?

Butt Dial can play on the same bill as any band or genre.

How can people relate to your music?

People dance to our music!!! We also play such a variety of songs and artists that there is something for everyone. For example we play, Radiohead, Stevie Wonder, Morphine, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, I Put a Spell On You, Fever, Bang Bang, Shakin’ All Over, as well as tunes from the musical Chicago and Disney’s the Jungle Book.

What can people expect out of a live performance?

Expect the unexpected from the Butt Dial Party Band. We put on a lively energetic show with costumes and vaudevillian antics. If the venue is adulty enough maybe a little cleavage and butt bongo’s.

What made you decide to perform at the 2018 Hempfest?

We performed last year at the Hempfest VIP party and had a blast. Hempfest is a great place to play with big crowds and positive vibes.

What does the group have planned for the year 2019?

We are expanding our repertoire and hope to add a number of new songs. We would like to expand from Seattle play other towns in Washington and Oregon.

Where can people interested in more news and updates go to follow and find more?

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dialabutt/

Here is our new EP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmVVleOxkt4&t=1456s

Shaking local watering holes all over Seattle since 2013, Butt Dial—also known as The Butt Dial Party Band for faint of heart venues—is a high energy octo-collective (2 trumpets, bari sax, trombone, guitar, bass & drums) featuring members of Sound Wave Sounders FC Band, Chaotic Noise Marching Corps, The m9, The Psychotronics, High Water Passage, and Super Geek League.

Do you like Sly & The Family Stone, The Black Keys, The Tokens, The Ohio Players, and Black Joe Lewis? So do we. Especially when they’ve been filtered through an insistently distorted surf2unk trio, bolstered with a war chest of assorted horns, and selectively seasoned with powerful croons and hollers.

If you want to shake the end result of countless permutations of genetics, there’s only one call to make – Butt Dial!


The Dolly Rots

We caught the Bassist/lead vocalist Kelly Ogden and guitarist Luis Cabezas from the Dolly Rots at the Vans Warped Tour back stage after their early performance in Ventura ,California. The two have known each other since they were in 8th grade and came together to form the band, Dolly Rots, in the year 2000. The Dolly Rots are a power pop punk band that has since accomplished six studio albums and are currently under their own label, Arrested Youth Records. They tell us about  their upcoming project and chit chat about their previous warped tour experiences. Take a look and keep updated with The Dolly Rots through Social Media.

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Tiny Orchestral Moments

The Tiny Orchestral Moments is a project bringing together a large group of musicians from all over the world for a week or weekend to write, record, improvise, and perform. They collaborate with each other using the one principal that anyone can play anything at anytime as long it fits in what is happening and what is necessary in the moment. The Tiny Orchestral Moments is a great opportunity and chance to be that musician you wish you could be without being in a band that is micro-managed, predetermined ,and commercialized . The group is an international act, incorporating many musical influences and some brilliant talent from LA, Seattle, Texas, and even Argentina! Many beautiful friendships have been fostered by the concept of this project as each artist forgives instantaneously as they operate with continuous improvisation, there are NO mistakes, and whatever happens becomes apart of what they are doing, Pure Brilliance! T.O.M work on quarterly and annual projects with a documentary and a cd of their previous work from the past 3 years said to be releasing sometime soon ! You could read more from their official webpage, http://www.steveball.com/TOM/. Take a quick glimpse as the T.O.M musicians give us some insight into their projects.


 Coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area is a band critics say, “play rock in opposition”. The Inner Ear Brigade definitely have a style and sound all their own. WE would have to agree that The Inner Ear Brigade is something uncharted , playing a little more groovier than the average Prog Rock. The line up consists of Bill Walter( guitar/compositions), Ivor Holloway(sax) , Andrew Jamieson (keyboards), Stephen Wright(bass), Alison Niedbalski (vocals/synths) and Christopher Lauf (drums). The band itself has been performing for ten years with members coming and going, just recently adding a new vocalist and releasing their 2nd full length album “Dromology”, under Alt Rock Productions.  The album features great bass lines, Jazzy melodic Zheul, and lryics written in a constructed language called,  Kobaian, which was founded by Christian Vader of the French progressive rock band Magma. The Inner Ear Brigade made an appearance in Seattle, WA for an unforgettable 3 day event  known as SEAPROG,  where they joined other experimental art-rock bands such as Moraine, Cheer Accident, + many more. They are really pushing their sound this year, you won’t want to miss this collective if they come to your town. Inner Ear Brigade is set for a mini mid west tour landing in Chicago October 19th, for the Progtober Fest.

Make sure to check out their goods on their website www.InnerEarBrigade.Com and through social media.

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Hailey Walling is a very bubbly, outgoing, 15 year old who is inspired and determined to become a star. Her dream is to become an actress/singer and move to Los Angeles when she graduates highschool. She has always known that she wanted to entertain and music has been a big part of her life since she was younger. She’s already been taking the steps to success by looking into production companies and talent agencies who can help support upcoming independent artists.  She  has gained valuable experience performing in school , in choirs, and even made her debut  at the Oregon Country Fair Quiet Camp Stage. She draws inspiration from alternative, R&B , Pop, Soul music, and listens to  a lot of Daniel Caesar. Currently she has been performing solo singing cover songs, but is seeking the right people to form a band. We had the opportunity to sit down with her and asked Hailey a few questions. We asked her how she wanted to inspire others and She replied, ”
As Cliche as it sounds, there needs to be originality and creativity in everything you do. I would say to just be yourselves and I hope that when people see me perform I could inspire people to be comfortable enough to do it as well, to share their creativity and be able to build confidence and courage. I’m not perfect, I get Shakey and nervous, but it’s something I had to learn and I love being able to express myself.” Hailey Walling is the next generation in aspiring entertainers, she is eager to learn and collaborate with others in making music everyone could enjoy. We wish her the best in her adventure and hope you will go check her out and support her through Instagram, you can find her @hailey_walling.

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Many People swamped the Mutant White Lightening Stage during  Warped Tour this year as Nekrogoblikon shredded out the latest tunes from their recent album release. Known for their silly symphonic metal, Nekrogoblikon never fails to give  their hungry fans exactly what they crave: Brutal vocals, complex riffs , sweet solos, Goblins, and of course a little sense of humor. Over the years  rising up from  Los Angeles ,the band has rearranged their line up and brought 5 full albums to the table. Growing in their professionalism since their first album Goblin Island in 2006, the band recently dropped their 5th  full length studio album, ‘Welcome to Bonkers” on April 13th, 2018.The current line up consists of lead vocalist and founder Nicky”Scorpion” Calone, Guitarist Alex “Goldberg”Alereza, HypeMan John Goblikon, Keyboards Aaron”Raptor”Minich, Bass Aaron”zoot” VanZutphen ,and  Drums Eric “Rainbow” Brown. The 11 track cd is a little more melodic than previous works and is being raved about along with their latest music video,  “Dressed as Goblins”.  The band had teamed up with Brendon Small, the co- creator of Metalocalypse, to give a glimpse into the life of John Goblikon. You can check it out here and make sure to stay tuned to hear what the goblin eats for lunch in an exclusive short by the members themselves on RenagadeRadio.com