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I hear a lot of people give out their Facebook and Twitter accounts as their preferred method of socall networking. For a long time Facebook was also one of my favorite ways to keep in touch and share pictures, news articles, business pages, etc. I still think Facebook is great if you plan on staying in constant contact with someone or if you want to update your "friends" about your events and businesses and such. However there are those times that Facebook can turn into a diary for some people. Or sometimes I don't want to see such spammy content. 

A lot of times being in the modeling field I just want to see someone's pictures with a short caption. Sometimes less is more. That's why I like Instagram. You have your bio space to give a short "about me" and the rest of your profile is pictures. There are multiple filters to use on photos, hashtags and tagging to connect content and users. You follow accounts that you are interested in and other users follow you. There are privacy settings just like any other social networking site if you want to limit your viewers. I find it a lot easier to find things of interest on Instagram and other models and businesses. 

Most Instagram users are pretty active and you will see a daily post or two that gives you a general idea of what they are about. Whether it's posting selfies, professional photographs, event invitations, informative posts or hobbies, you can find it on Instagram. In my opinion it's a much more efficient way of staying connected with out being over loaded with content. I have made a much larger Fan base on Instagram then I have any where else and I think a huge part of that comes from being able to post only what I think my 420nurse fans want to see, which is my pictures. I get to show them my pictures from my portfolio as well as a little bit of my daily life and hobbies. It's free. Android and iPhone both carry the app. There are also additional apps you can download to help manage your account. 
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