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Lake Pleasant, Arizona – The 13th annual Rockabilly Bash recently electrified the shores of Lake Pleasant, drawing in crowds with its unique blend of vintage vibes, live talent, and roaring engines. Hosted against the stunning backdrop of the Arizona landscape, this year’s event was a spectacle to behold, featuring everything from pin-up fashion to custom-built cars and live performances.

One of the highlights of the event was the captivating presence of pin-up girls, who added a touch of classic glamour to the festivities. Adorned in retro attire and sporting iconic hairstyles, these models embodied the spirit of the rockabilly era, captivating onlookers with their timeless charm.



Live talent took center stage throughout the weekend, with performances by renowned acts such as The Centuries and The Koffin Kats. The pulsating beats of rockabilly music filled the air, keeping attendees dancing late into the night. From high-energy sets to soulful ballads, the music lineup catered to all tastes, creating an electrifying atmosphere that reverberated across the lake.

Enthusiasts of classic cars were treated to a showcase of custom-built automobiles, each one a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. From sleek hot rods to vintage cruisers, the car display provided a feast for the eyes, eliciting admiration from car aficionados and casual spectators alike.


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RenAgade CBD Seltzer  made a splash with the Event NaNa. The drink made  the perfect treat.RenAgade Cbd is fit for the lifestyle of Custom Culture . The Rockabilly Bash was a hot hub of activity, a refreshing  indulgence for the buzz. It was only the first day of the event and the anticipation was building up for the annual Rockabilly Bash Car Show, where engines rev up to take home a trophy. With a running streak in trophy wins in the past , LaLa was the talk of the crowd. The event is featured in Arizona News and has been a renowned attraction for spectators of all ages from all states. Bandbabe had a few run ins with tourists from Wisconsin, and Colorado who were passionate about motorsports and retreat kickbacks.
Rockabilly Bash is a weekend long, camp full of retro vibes , lake views, and cool rides . The weather is great this time of year if you are from the north. The Rockabilly Bash  set our drive a blaze.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over Lake Pleasant, attendees reflected on another unforgettable Rockabilly Bash. With its winning combination of nostalgia, entertainment, and community spirit, this annual event continues to capture the hearts of rockabilly enthusiasts from far and wide. As plans are already underway for next year’s festivities, one thing is certain – the Rockabilly Bash is here to stay, keeping the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll alive and kicking in the heart of Arizona