Welcome- Bandbabe List of Services


Welcome to Bandbabe.com- List of PR & Multimedia Services

Bandbabe and Renagade Radio is a cutting edge Internet based multi-media company that specializes a wide range of marketing, advertising support, and event media coverage.  We do this using the highest standards of PR campaigns, our network of professionals who specialize in multimedia and production teams along with Renagade Radio, Live Streaming TV and our own Renegade Magazine. We have a strong and nationwide following and are well known in our industry. We have worked with small businesses, up and coming bands, festivals and events, and many well know companies. Renagade Radio and Bandbabe Multimedia Network has worked with and represented such well known sponsors as: Anheuser Busch, Pabst Blue Ribbon, New Belgium Beer, Vans, Seattle Hempfest, Dickies Clothing, Swim Rags Magazine, Emerald Magazine, MF Magazine, and Bicycle Rumors Magazine, just to name a few.

 Along with our PR campaigns, live event radio and online marketing promotions, Renagade Radio and Bandbabe.com has a following over 300,000 listeners per month, and continually grows on a daily basis. Our demographics is 53% Women, 47% Men, ranging from ages 19-60yrs. We take pride airing quality radio programs, streaming 24hr’s, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. With Bandbabe and Renagade Radio you will have access to our worldwide Media Network.


 BandBabe.com and Renagade Radio are currently accepting new artists, bloggers, and bands for global PR representation. Clients represented by Band Babe could be featured worldwide in various media outlets,

What Renagade Radio and Bandbabe.com can do for You:

  • Start social media and PR Campaign ASAP for your band, company, or event
  • SEO marketing through all of our social media networks, reaching our 5 million followers
  • Live Streaming events on BandBabe.com  and Broadcasting Shows on www.renagaderadio.com 
  • Play a selection of Music and DJ’s music, as well as stream live interviews 10-25 times per week on Renagade Radio
  • Showcase Interviews on Bandbabe.com, Radio Liner Ad’s during prime time, and Ad placement with your company logo and business link in Renagade Radio’s and Bandbabe.com Multimedia Network
  • Bi-weekly blog reviews for your band, company, or event
  • Network Endorsement 
  • Website building, and web design. Technical support

If you would like to access our service, or for more information about PR and SEO promotions,

please contact Charlie Renagade & Julie B at airplay@renagaderadio.com.




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